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Tianjin Binhai New Area (briefed as TBNA) locates on the east coast of Tianjin and center of Circum-Bohai-Sea Region. It is also the nearest eastern starting point of Asia-Euro Continental Bridge and key access to the sea for the neighboring inland countries. TBNA consists of nine functional zones namely Advanced Manufacturing Zone, Airport-based Industrial Zone, Binhai High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Seaport-based Industrial Zone, Nangang Industrial Zone, Seaport Logistics Zone, Coastal Leisure & Tourism Zone, Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City and Central Business District. In addition, Tianjin Port whose throughput ranks 5th in the world also locates in here.

With a planned area of 2270 square kilometers, TBNA has a coastal line of 153 kilometers and a population of 2.02 million. TBNA has a rather favorable ecological environment and abundant natural resources and wetlands of 700 square kilometers. There are still 1200 square kilometers salt and alkali wasteland remained for development and the verified reserves of oil reach over 10 billion tons and those of natural gas reach 193.7 billion cubic meters.