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Japanese Retail Giant Favored TEDA for Opening All-round Cooperation in Various Fields

[ Date:2017/1/11        View:439 ]

On July 11 2016, a delegation headed by Mr. SATO HISAYUKI, the new general manager of AEON (China) Investment Co., Ltd. came to TEDA for investigation and visitation, seeking further cooperation opportunities. Mr. Wang Sheng, Vice-Secretary of the CPC Leadership Group and Chairman of TEDA Administrative Commission, Mr. Jia Shouyue, Associate Counsel of TEDA Administrative Commission and the responsible leadership of Investment Promotion Bureau III attended the meeting.

On the forumMr. Wang Sheng firstly welcomed the top management team delegation. He indicated that AEON has long established strategic partnership with TEDA, and AEON Mall has developed rapidly since its opening in TEDA. TEDA gave full recognitions to the brand and operation philosophy of AEON. Tianjin Binhai New Area is now facing a perfect opportunity, and has potential for promotion with the superposition of five strategic opportunities. As the core of Tianjin Binhai New Area, TEDA has unique advantages in the aspects of law & regulations, infrastructures, human resources and consumption potential. Mr. Wang Sheng encouraged AEON to promote innovative business fieldsto open up markets and become the center of regional business. Whats more, he expressed that leaders at all levels of TEDA Administrative Commission cherished AEON as an old friend with long-established cooperation. They will fully support AEON to root in TEDA and get sustainable development with solving the operating problems of company, improving the surrounding assistant facilities and legal environment, as well as protecting lawful right and interests of AEON.

Mr. SATO HISAYUKI thanked TEDA Administrative Commission for its strong support to the company and introduced the national layout and business development of AEON Mall. He introduced that AEON is the largest retailing group in Japan. As the core enterprise of AEON, AEON Mall leads the development of regional shopping center in Japan. AEON is expected to establish 5 AEON Malls in Tianjin with the first one opened in TEDA in Oct. 2010. The occupied area is 98,000 m2; building area 75000 m2, investment total 30 million USD. Whats more, AEON Mall TEDA has always maintained good performance in recent years. Mr. SATO HISAYUKI indicated that TEDA has bright prospects and hoped that AEON Mall will achieve substantial development in TEDA. Both sides had jointly expressed that they would continue to find joint and breakthrough, expand the field of cooperation, carry out all-dimensional cooperation in more fields, and achieve mutual benefit. (Tr. by Zheng Chen)