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Press Conference of Tianjin Internet Data by Today¡¯s Headline¡± powered-up the Internet Finance Industry in TEDA

ï¼» Date:2017/3/22        View:324 ï¼½

May.21st, Tianjin Communication Bureau, Tianjin Internet Association, Todays Headline jointly held the Data Press Conference in Tianjin Sai Xiang Hotel. The goveners from Tianjin Development and Reform Commission, Tianjin Public Security Bureau, Tianjin Economic Information Office, Tianjin Business Bureau, Tianjin Communication Industry Committee attended this conference as well. More than 400 people from national IT companies, well-known entrepreneurs in fianc¨¦ field, experts and scholars also showed up in this conference.  

Ms. Dai Ronghui, deputy director of Tianjin Communication Bureau Network Sector and vice-secretary of Tianjin Internet Committee, released the comprehensive information of Tianjin Internet Industry based on the Report of Tianjin Internet Development Status. According to the report, by the end of last year, the amount of citys network user had reached 9.04million, of is 61.4% of the citys population, 13.5% higher than the national level. The amount of mobile Internet users had reached 8.037 million which accounts for 88.9% of all the networkers. Tianjin now has 24439 websites on record, 27485 websites on opening. The number of fixed phone users is up to 3.606million, meanwhile the number of mobile phone users is 13.518 million. The utilization rate in Tianjin on the application of the business transaction is significantly higher than the national average, which the online payment, online trading and use of online banking are all 3%, higher than the national average. Even the utilization rate of group purchase is higher than the national average by 7%. The numbers reflects the current prosperity of e-commerce in Tianjin, and also reflects the great demand for commodities from the local residents.

Mr. Qiao Wei, director of TEDA Financial Service Center, released the comprehensive information of Internet finance. He circumstantiated the development of Internet finance industry in TEDA and especially the diversified innovation of the Internet finance. He also elaborated how TEDA piloted reforms to promote enterprises adaption of the Internet era.  Listed companies, groups and Internet platforms all have their opportunities to develop in TEDA, where the government would back the healthy development of the Internet finance. Big names including JD Finance, Gome Holdings, New Hope Group, MySteel, Rongcheng, Souyidai, Yeepay, UmPay, CreditEase, Puhui Yirong, 5jbank, Jiandanlicai.com, ZPay all settled in TEDA and established a solid foundation of building-up a Internet finance ecosystem.

Todays Headline is a recommendation engine based on the data mining founded in 2012. It is a new type service to connect people and information by recommending valuable and personalized information to the users. Its one of the fastest growing service product in domestic mobile Internet field. By this March, the accumulative number of active user is up to 240 million and number of daily active users is 2000.