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E-commerce Platform

  1. Abundant and accurate information
  2. Illustrated online exhibition
  3. A comprehensive enterprise and product database
  4. Timely and accurate regional news/information
  5. Rich and professional industry information
  6. Abundant exhibition information

Business Matchmaking Platform

  1. Establishing a business cooperation alliance with dozens of professional sellers and professional trading organizations in the world
  2. Organizing dozens of supplier and buyer meetings among professional sellers and trade organizations
  3. Publishing "Trade Promotion Alerts" with weekly supply and demand information, tender information, cooperation information and exhibition information
  4. Strengthening business contact, exchange and cooperation with the international trade organizations
  5. Establishing business investigation platforms to enable enterprises reach more global buyers, trading structure and expand overseas markets
  6. Organizing groups to participate more than 20 business activities every year

Enterprises Recommendation Platform

  1. Publishing "Trade TEDA" series publications
  2. Organizing enterprises and merchandise promotion conferences and exhibitions
  3. Visiting & researching enterprises and establishing marketing and sales communication platform among enterprises

Trade TEDA

"Trade TEDA" series of publications on electronic information, machinery manufacturing, biological medicine, food and chemical and other pillar industries in TEDA, which clusters products and services of enterprises in various industries. In order to help to seek trade opportunities on global scale, promote their products and services and build a good business environment, the publications are presented to professional buyers, transnational business groups, known enterprises and professional trading firms through abroad institutions of TEDA, domestic and foreign trade activities, international exhibitions and other channels.

Expo Service Platform

  1. Monitoring and forcing "TEDA Conference and Exhibition Industry Promotion Policy"
  2. Organizing and supporting exhibitions in TEDA for pillar industries
  3. Propagandizing with free resources to develop exhibitions in TEDA
  4. Clustering complete industrial chain, interpretation and guidance of the cell phone industry trends
  5. It includes four major functions - technology display and exchange, trade cooperation among discussions, information and policies dissemination and the news & promotion.
  6. It displays the rapid development of China's mobile phone industry and a window of China's mobile phone industry exports
  7. It attracts operators, vendors of chips, parts and components as well as value-added services etc. to display and negotiate
  8. It constructs integrated industry chain of motor vehicles and biology, and promotes the healthy and rapid development of the industry
  9. Cooperating with the authority of industry organizations, strengthening and creating the industry's Spirit together/ Constructing the Industry prosperity hand in hand.
  10. Discussing industrial development with political leaders, business leaders, industry experts

Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center

  1. Construction area of 121421.8 square meters; indoor exhibition area of 37,000 square meters; conference room area of 7,570 square meters
  2. Establishing good relations of cooperation with numbers of global renowned international exhibition companies
  3. Holding dozens of exhibitions at home and abroad every year

International Conference and Exhibition Platform

  1. Exhibition Services Support Policy
  2. Business support: provide no more than two terms of the brand exhibition and professional organizers with monetary supports
  3. Support for registered companies: the newly established professional exhibition companies and professional exhibition services companies identified by the CMC, will receive supports within five years based on the actual contribution of enterprises.